Rescue 87 Assist In Wreck With Heavy Entrapment
July 11, 2014

In the early morning hours of July 8th 2014, Rescue 87 was alerted to respond to Route 130 in the area of Bobnick Lane, to assist Station 9 who was on scene of a wreck with confirmed entrapment and entanglement. A vehicle was traveling eastbound on Route 130 when the drive lost control of the wheel, striking two trees and a telephone pole. The pole sheared and caused the tree the vehicle was resting on to catch fire. Rescue 87 went enroute with a crew of 7. While approaching the scene, the commanding officer requested Rescue 87 into the scene and requested its crew deploy multiple pieces of rescue equipment. Crew from Rescue 87,as well as stations 7, 9 , and 86, spent approximately 40 minutes cutting the vehicle apart to free the pinned driver. After the driver was free of the vehicle, EMS transported the patient to a local trauma center for injuries. Great job by all Public Safety Personal Involved!

Units: R-87 , CMD-87
Mutual Aid: E-7, Q-7 , E-9 , AT-9, E-86, MEDIC 228 , CAR 1-68, CAR 1-76 , CAR 1-78