Reported lightning strike
January 11, 2014

At 0823 hours on Jan 11th 2014, Station 87 was activated to respond to Sunnyfield Ct for a possible lightning strike to a house. Stations 7, 9, 63, and 106 were activated for the assist. Chief 87 arrived on scene with nothing showing from the exterior of the residence. Truck 87 was the first unit on scene. Crews made entry to the residence and noticed a odor of smoke in the structure. All rooms as well as the attic were searched with no findings. Truck 87 was set up and the roof was searched by firefighters from station 87 with no findings. After the residence was searched it was deemed that the thermostat of the residence had shorted out and smoked, causing the odor in the building. All units then were released from the scene by Chief 87.

Units: Truck 87, Engine 87, Command 87
Mutual Aid: Engine 63-2, Quint 7, Engine 9, Command 63